National Weather Forecasting, Inc.

The NWF Team

Russ Murley

Russ Murley

President/Operations Manager

Russ has more than 35 years of experience in operational forecasting. Russ oversees daily operations of National Weather Forecasting, Inc., providing point-specific forecasts and many other services to a wide range of companies all over North America. In addition to daily operations, Russ is focused on business development, integrating new technologies and broadening the use of our exclusive in-house model the SuperBlend.

When he’s not following the weather, Russ is an avid skier, golfer and spends time playing drums in a local band.

Phil Spevak

Vice-President/Business Manager

Phil has worked alongside Russ for nearly 30 years doing operational forecasting across North America.  Today, in addition to daily forecasting and storm monitoring, Phil oversees the information technology  and infrastructure needs of the company to support its operations, the SuperBlend, and data aggregation efforts.  Additionally, he does some coding and application development for the Windows-based infrastructure, and manages the company’s financials.

Phil has a B.A. in atmospheric science from Cornell University, is married, and has 3 school-age children.  As the official family cook, he enjoys cooking for his wife who enjoys his meal creations, and his kids who think he warms up delicious hot dogs.  He loves finding new recipes to attempt, but once it’s not “new” anymore, the recipe becomes a guideline – who needs an actual teaspoon when you can definitely say “yeah, that looks like about a teaspoon”?  

Phil also enjoys learning, coding for fun, and watching TV, particularly Star Trek (any era is fine), Survivor, and any number of prime-time crime dramas (dun-dun!); he’s an average tennis player and a 210-average bowler.  

Eric Weglarz

Eric Weglarz

Meteorologist/Director of Meteorological Development

Eric specializes in the creation and communication of highly skillful forecasts for daily decision-making. Created and currently expanding high resolution, bias-corrected weather guidance for use across multiple weather sensitive industries.  Eric has a continually expanding coding skillset, with a focus on Python & Bash languages. When not tracking storms, Eric enjoys spending time in the great outdoors!

Joe Sciacca

Joe Sciacca

Operational Meteorologist

Joe has been called a “highly skilled forecaster” and has a proven record of accuracy in analyzing weather data and then providing clients with clear, accurate, and timely forecasts.

“It’s not just enough to take a model at face value, but to understand the inner workings of a model and know how a certain model performs in different situations,” he says.

Joe holds a degree in communication from Curry College and an Undergraduate Certificate in Weather Forecasting from Pennsylvania State University. 

He has been working in the private sector as a meteorologist for almost 6 years and most recently joined National Weather Forecasting, Inc. back in December of 2022. Joe provides daily, weekly, and seasonal forecasts to our clients as well as storm updates in advance of storms being part of decision-making support. At times he also assists with Forensic Meteorology cases as they arise.

His dedication to weather observation and forecasting begins right in his own yard where his personal weather station; a Davis Vantage Pro 2 has been recognized for its accuracy on MADIS (Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System), CWOP (Citizens Weather Observer Program) and Weather Underground which are websites that take in weather observations and do quality control checking before they are sent off to modeling centers to assist in creating model forecasts. 

Joe also participates in forecast competitions such as the Northeastern Storm Conference held by Northern Vermont University where he won in 2021 and the WeatherBELL forecast competition where he was first place out of 89 participants for the month of February in 2024!

He also is a SkyWarn Weather Spotter for the National Weather Service in Norton, MA where he reports hazardous weather such as wind gusts over 40 mph, rainfall, snowfall, changes in precipitation types during a storm, road conditions, hail, funnel clouds, wall clouds or tornadoes. Besides his love and dedication for meteorology, he is an avid gardener with a special interest in native and endangered New England plants. 

Joe is a member of Native Plant Trust and the American Meteorological Society (AMS). He keeps up with the latest meteorological advances by regularly attending webinars hosted by the National Weather Service (NWS) and the European Center for Medium Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) based in Reading, England and Bologna, Italy.

Adam Basile

Meteorologist/New Business Development Manager

Adam has been a member of the National Weather Forecasting team since 2010. Over the past few years Adam has taken up more of a lead role in our sales department, but still forecasts when called upon as he is a Meteorologist at heart. Adam has a long relationship with clients of National Weather Forecasting, particularly clients in the NY/NJ region where he grew up.

Adam graduated from Don Bosco Preparatory High School in 2006 where he played varsity ice hockey for four years. After high school Adam went to SUNY Albany where he continued to play ice hockey and majored in Atmospheric Science. Adam graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in 2010 and quickly began working thereafter for National Weather Forecasting.

In addition to being an Operational Meteorologist, Adam is a Master of Ceremonies. Adam began to DJ in college, and since graduation has been performing at venues across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region. Adam is also a dedicated snowboarder, traveling and snowboarding different mountains across the country.