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Issued:  Monday, June 17, 2024  8:00 am

Key Take-Aways Next Ten Days:

  • Dangerous summer temperatures this week for the entire region
  • Cooler for the northern part of the region this weekend from a cold front
  • Heat potentially builds back in for the middle part of next week

Discussion: After not much in the way of high temperatures and humidity for much of the region this spring; the end of astronomical spring and the opening of astronomical summer is certainly making up for it. A large ridge of mid-level high pressure is strengthening over the eastern part of the US today and will continue to do so through late tomorrow night peaking Wednesday into Thursday evening over the region. This will allow for rising temperatures and humidity starting today as our air is moving in from the Central Plains and Central Mississippi Valley. As the upper-level ridge of high pressure strengths over the region, air will be compressed downward which is a warming process.

Plenty of record high temperatures are forecasted to be tired or broken this week across the region from our heatwave.

The combination of high heat and humidity will make for dangerous heat index values of 100-105 during the afternoon and early evening for a huge part of the region. This kind of heat can lead to heat illness if proper precautions are not taken like staying hydrated and in a cool place. This starts tomorrow and lasts into the weekend for the Mid-Atlantic region if not early next week depending on the timing of a cold front. Southern New England through Friday evening and Northern New England through Thursday evening as a cold front moves in from Southern Quebec and the Great Lakes. Temperatures will still be above normal when it does cool down, but not as much as it is during this heatwave.

Current Head Headlines as seen on the map below.

After this heat wave there are some indications that more heat but not as intense builds back in from the Midwest for the middle part of next week as this overall pattern favors above to well above normal temperatures across much of the country.

Let’s take a look at some high temperature anomalies below over the next few days.

Today’s high temperature departures on the map below.

As you can see on the map above, high temperatures anomalies today are forecasted to be above average for much of the region with slightly below normal high temperatures across Maine.

Tomorrow’s forecasted high temperature anomalies as seen on the map below shows the entire region with above normal high temperatures as our heatwave gets underway.  

By Wednesday we can see the continuation of above to well above normal high temperatures region wide.

Longer range thoughts:

We are forecasting June to finish with temperatures well above normal by 3-5 degrees and rainfall around normal. The above normal temperatures are forecasted to stay with us through the remainder of the month. This pattern likely holds with us through July with our forecast of temperatures being 2-4 degrees warmer than normal and rainfall slightly below normal across the region.

Please note that we now have available have ten-day temperature anomaly graphics available for the northeastern domain on your energy analysis dashboard.

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Next Update:  Next Monday or storm updates as needed!